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Batman and the Joker in the Arkham Game

The Caped crusader and his entourage of characters are popular in comic books, televisoin as well as in big screen, and also video games. This list of batman video games will give you information on each game as well as game reviews, news and more. Members can click on each game and submit cheats, tips, codes or walkthroughs.

For most people movies and comic books wasn't enough. The Batman video games were created with the technological age. Anyone can find a game that interests them.

Batman video games are of all types. From really cheesy to completely realistic and dark. Some of the new games almost resemble movies.

Many Batman games consist of exciting battles to save the world from well known enemies. Usually the Joker is the one to conquer in various tasks, but a lot of other antagonists have a role also. Whatever makes you happy, you can find enjoyment with one of the games here.

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Ability to add Hints, cheats, tips walkthroughs glitches and more to games

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Game fans will now be happy. You can now come here to source cheats, hints, walkthroughs and much more. Just check out your favorite game and look for tips comment on them, add your own and more. This of course goes hand in hand with the rumors plots etc that you could already do.

In the walkthroughs you can attach videos you might have seen or made from youtube or other sources, add some images and write about your tip glitch or whatever. Have fun.

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