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It was in may of 1939 when Batman first appeared in Detective Comics #27, and since then has made many other appearances in the comics. He was originally call The Bat Man, and because of his popularity he soon got his own comic. Since then there has been many other spin off comics and versions of Batman. Most still stick somewhat to the original story of the Rich Bruce Wayne who watched his parents die in the streets of Gotham.

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The New 52 - DC's Relaunch

The new 52 by dc

The long overdue story of "The New 52". The premise behind the release was to reset the plot lines for many long running and fan favorite series that have been out. This also gave a chance for new artists and writers to take over the helm for some of DC Comics most storied comic book heroes. This provided an interesting opportunity for fans of the series to discuss the merits behind this plan. If you haven't heard of the New 52 revamp, this may be your best chance to learn all about it.

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