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Under the Batman Games tab up at the top nav bar you will find information on your favorite games, filled with reviews, screenshots rumors and much more.

Look around. Under the online area you can even play some fun little batman related games. Have fun

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Ability to add Hints, cheats, tips walkthroughs glitches and more to games

Game Cheats Image

Game fans will now be happy. You can now come here to source cheats, hints, walkthroughs and much more. Just check out your favorite game and look for tips comment on them, add your own and more. This of course goes hand in hand with the rumors plots etc that you could already do.

In the walkthroughs you can attach videos you might have seen or made from youtube or other sources, add some images and write about your tip glitch or whatever. Have fun.

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Batman Games Rumors and Chat

There has not been a rumors added by any members. If you would like you can Add a Rumor Or feel free to just add some chat about this topic.
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