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The New 52 - DC's Relaunch

The new 52 by dc

The long overdue story of "The New 52". The premise behind the release was to reset the plot lines for many long running and fan favorite series that have been out. This also gave a chance for new artists and writers to take over the helm for some of DC Comics most storied comic book heroes. This provided an interesting opportunity for fans of the series to discuss the merits behind this plan. If you haven't heard of the New 52 revamp, this may be your best chance to learn all about it. This review will give you some essential information that you will want to read about the changes that have been made in the series.

Most fans of DC comics will agree that the company has always relied on the strength of characters like Superman, Batman and the Flash to act as their flagship. Though their popularity has waxed and waned over the years, it is hard to argue that these aren't memorable comic book characters. Even though many of them have had new stories shown on big screen movies, some comic book purists have remained faithful to the new story lines available through print sources. Many of these fans were excited to find out that there would be major changes made to nearly all of the DC Comics characters. This has breathed new life in to many long running series and characters. For some characters, you can even take this expression literally. For example, Barbara Gordon will recover from her paralysis and be able to make a reprise as Batgirl in the new Batman series revamp.

One thing to note is that all of these characters have had their comics revert back to the "#1" issue as a result of this revamp. To understand this, you may want to look back in to the history of comic books issued by DC Comics. Many of their main characters had their "#1" or first issue released decades ago, before the time of the current generation of comic book readers. Some readers may remember some relatively recent new releases, such as the "Knightfall" series for the Batman universe. But these new comics promise to reset the entire story line for each of the characters, creating an all new universe and justifying the reset back to a "#1" or first issue comic.

Another interesting twist is that this allows timely news stories to be integrated within the DC Comics universe. For instance, fans of the Justice League may be interested to know that they will be involved in current era politics. They will interact with political figures from the United Nations. Members of the Justice League may also fight with villains who may be associated with notable world wide terrorist organizations. But the main benefit of this reset is that the comic creators can modernize the plot lines for superheroes and make them relevant to the lives of younger readers.

Finally, many of these changes have proven to be financially successful as well. The New 52 series began publication in 2011, and since then DC Comics has seen a spike in general comics sales. Pre-orders for many of the series such as the Justice League proved immensely popular. This gave many of the executives in DC Comics the confidence to continue with plans for many other revamps of popular series out there. Not surprisingly, many of these revamp editions have lead the sales in many months recently. If you have ever been a fan of DC Comics characters or story lines, you may want to give some of the New 52 a chance.

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