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Batman Incorporated - The New 52

The Hanged Man Cover

As predicted, this issue got a much higher rating from fans and critics than the previous issue. When you have a masterful story telling like Grand Morrison at the helm, he doesn’t necessarily focus on things in an issue-by-issue basis, so there will be some snoozers every now and then, which is kind of tough when you’re anticipating each week’s issue but makes perfect sense when you’re reading a trade paperback collection of multiple books.

Eye of the Gorgon

Eye of Gorgon

This anticipated series rolls onwards, however this issue wasn’t met with as much praise as the first. Have no fear, things do pick up later on. This issue is all about the back story, and you’ve just got to trust Grant Morrison and his genius for storytelling to understand that some issues are building blocks for bigger and better stories that are still to come.

Characters In This Issue


Cover of Knightmoves

Bruce and Damian, Batman and Robin, are still at odds and not getting along. Any dynamic duo is going to have their differences, but when they are father and son there’s a whole other element at play there. Robin’s got the killer instinct which he inherited from his mother’s side of the family, but it goes against everything Batman’s fought for his entire life after watching his parents get murdered in front of his very own eyes.

Characters In Knightmoves