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Welcome to Batman Trailer

Welcome to Batman Trailer

We are striving to become the internets number one Batman Website. Full of information on just about everything in regards to The Dark Knight, from latest movie info and trailers to the latest rumors

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns part 1

Cover of Batman The Dark Knight Returns
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 Cover

'Batman: The Dark Knight Returns' is a two part animated movie centered around the superhero's return to crime fighting. It is an adaptation of a comic book plot arc from 1986, Frank Miller's 'The Dark Knight Returns' and is part of the DC Universe's Animated Original Movie series. There are two parts to the film, the first of which was released on September 25th in 2012.

Batman Superman shooting in Detroit

Detroit, the location for the next batman movie
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Batman vs. Superman, which could dominate the box office in 2015, is being shot in Detroit and on that note the actors might get shot too (just kidding!). Sorry. One is compelled to make at least one crack about violence when talking about the Motor City. But on a more serious note, those attending the movie two short years from now are guaranteed plenty of good action. But like all other blockbuster productions, there are plenty of questions surrounding what stacks up to be the biggest DC movie of all time.

Trust Fall

Trust Fall Batman New 52 issue 2 Cover

By issue 2, things are in full swing. Story arcs are starting to form and we’re seeing more and more characters introduced into Batman’s corner of the DC universe. Anyone just getting into The New 52 Batman for the first time is in for a treat. We’re excited to share all the awesome stuff that’s coming up in future issues.

Characters In This Issue