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Batman Contests

Here at Batman Trailer we like the idea of contests and hopefully the more popular the site becomes the more contests we intend to have. This area is dedicated to listing all the contests that will be currently running and possibly starting soon. Check out their details below.

News Items that relate to Contests will be first then the actual contests will follow.

Batman Contests News

Points, what they are good for and how to get them

Batman Trailer has a points system in place.. It allows us to keep award members for participating on the site. The points will be used for many things. Such as a system for eligibility in a contest we might run, or simply a specific race to get the most points contest. Possible future implementations of the points might be to trade in points for prizes or batman stuff that we might include in a batman store (future).

How do you get points

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Guess the Cast contest!

This is the contest we are getting ready to launch, it will basically be a contest for members to guess the cast members of the next batman movie.

All the details haven't been worked out so we are open to ideas. Go ahead and shout us some ideas through the comment form below.

Basically not decided yet, you have input on this still so comment away.
Only a couple requirements, one is that your a member of this site. Just sign up it takes a couple minutes and two you have gained a certain amount of points, (not many) through posting a couple comments or rumors or forum topics or even images. We will probably only require a few points for this contest and if you already have the points you won't need to get more.