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This area is to keep basic news and information about this website in a main general area. Anything added to this site or changes can and will be posted as news in this area.

Its not for news about subjects this site talks about. Those areas have their own news and rumors sections. Hope this helps.

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Notifications for forums and other content added plus

Subscription image

Members can now subscribe to content. (Non members you still can use the available rss feeds -- they are everywhere-- Membership is free and easy though)Private messages are also a little better. If you want to stay up to date on the news or get notified any time there is a review added you can now subscribe to the content. Maybe you are in the forums and want to follow a particular topic, you can subscribe to it. You subscribe to just about anything, including following members. Maybe you just like to read what one particular member has to say.

Ability to add Hints, cheats, tips walkthroughs glitches and more to games

Game Cheats Image

Game fans will now be happy. You can now come here to source cheats, hints, walkthroughs and much more. Just check out your favorite game and look for tips comment on them, add your own and more. This of course goes hand in hand with the rumors plots etc that you could already do.

In the walkthroughs you can attach videos you might have seen or made from youtube or other sources, add some images and write about your tip glitch or whatever. Have fun.

Rumors has been changed

Rumors Image

In an effort to make a little more sense, we have changed the rumors box seen on many pages as the movies and games pages. It has been changed to rumors and chat. This makes a little more sense as members can still post chat under this area to gain points or just put their input and have it shown under a specific page.

Registering as a Member is now much easier!

Easy Registration

Registration to be a member and post on this site has become much easier. No need to verify email anymore. We simply added a little quiz (very easy quiz) to allow users to answer the question and create a username, email and password right away.

Why did we do this:

You can now add reviews, rumors, plots and more.

Rumors Image

Alright everyone, we have been working on a few things to allow this community to grow. Options like movie and tv show reviews. The ability to add plots and rumors to a certain piece of content. We will also be adding a comic book area,in hopes that it can be the biggest resource for batman related books and comic books.

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