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Batman Superman shooting in Detroit

Detroit, the location for the next batman movie
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Batman vs. Superman, which could dominate the box office in 2015, is being shot in Detroit and on that note the actors might get shot too (just kidding!). Sorry. One is compelled to make at least one crack about violence when talking about the Motor City. But on a more serious note, those attending the movie two short years from now are guaranteed plenty of good action. But like all other blockbuster productions, there are plenty of questions surrounding what stacks up to be the biggest DC movie of all time.

The Next Batman is Ben Affleck WTF

Affleck as batman
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It is now being promoted as fact that the next Batman will be none other than Ben Affleck. Not to scoop batmantrailer -Why have you not posted this yet- :) Regardless of that, I say WTF. Are they trying to ruin Batman. Don't get me wrong. I really think Affleck,. he is a great actor. Probably better than he gets credit for. He is definitely good enough to play the role of Batman.

Villain Prospects: Batman Superman Movie

Luthor Vs Joker
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Since the announcement of the new Batman ad Superman Movie at Comic-Con 2013, every superhero nerd has been shaking in excitement as they try to figure out some very important details for this movie. While there is still no official Batman for the movie, fans are also trying to figure out who could be the very important villain. The villain should be one huge powerhouse who can stand their ground against not only one superhero, but two of DC Comic's biggest and most iconic superheroes.

Katana will be Batman's sidekick instead of Robin

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Robin will not be in the Beware the Batman Cartoon. Instead Kitana, a former friend from the old outsiders will be his partner. It is rumored that because of Alfred's old age he is not able to kick it with batman like he used too (I don't remember him ever really, othe than a few times when Batman was in trouble).

Anyways, he supposedly hires Kitana to take over for him. I am unsure if Robin is a part of this cartoon at all which doesn't really bother me. But Catwoman would have been a pretty cool sidestory.

Play as Deathstroke in Batman Arkham Origins

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Play as Deathstroke

Early birds who preorder Batman Arkham Origins will be the first to be able to play as Deathstroke in the game. Pretty cool feature worth mentioning. Is there any truth to this rumor?

MSN is going to follow the Dark Knight Rises

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Anyone know about this. I got an email on it but didn't read it right away now I cant find it. Was wondering what exactly was it talking about. From first look I thought maybe they had an inside scoop.

Dark Knight rises coming out early in certain areas

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Not a rumor, more of a question. Has anyone heard anything as to whether there will be grand openings early for fans. I forget what they call it. Like a pre movie movie. If so where will it be.

Batman forever is a bad movie

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What was Tommy Lee Jones Thinking.

The newest movie trailer

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Has anyone seen this. I seriously have been looking forward to this for a long time. Hopefully Nolan is able to pull off another great batman movie

Catwoman and Bane in the next batman

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Everyone probably knows this by now but Nolan has started the next batman movie. He is planning on using Bane as the main villain. He is also including catwoman in this third movie.

Someone had posted here before and seemed to have guessed these two characters right on. Although I wish it were someone else.

Harley Quinn - Dark Knight Returns Villain

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Harley quinn to be the next villain in Batman 3. After the death of the Joker, Dr. Harleen Quinzell, goes mad herself, seeking revenge on Batman. She blames him for the Death of him the joker.

Arkham Asylum Play as the Joker

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Did you know you in the Arkham Asylum game you can play as the joker if you own the ps3. Owners of the ps3 version get the chance to be the joker and harass batman. Its something that Sony bought the rights too. Too bad for xbox fans. Ill be adding some videos of the myself playing as the joker to my blog eventually and post the links. Check out the link to arkham asylum - be the joker videos

New Batman Movie Coming Out Soon!

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Been looking all around trying to find news of the new batman movie and it seems that the best I can find has to do with the release of it. Seems like everything Ive seen points to the movie coming out within the next two years.

This seems pretty soon considering all of the talk that there might not even be a third batman film. Rumors have Batman 3 starting to get filmed in the first couple months of next year. Thats only a few months out, so the next batman movies cast must be made or at least in the process.

Batman Rumors - The Best of the Best

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If you have been waiting to read the next great news on the newest Batman Movie by Christopher Nolan, keep waiting. The net has been swarming with all kinds of stories. The only problem with these stories are that most of them are purely rumors. Although some of them have some sort of truth behind them you will see that most are purely someones fantasies running wild.

New Batman Movie Filmed in Chicago

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The latest rumors seem to have WB to begin filming the next Batman in 2010 in the city of Chicago. Not really a shocker, since the other films have had strong holds in Chicago but at least it keeps the story line even.

You cant rule the Joker out just yet

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Everyones talking about Nolan and how he has said that the Joker will always be Ledgers but that doesn't necessarily mean he wont be in the next batman. It would be pretty easy for him to be a behind the scenes type character where he is never actually scene. It has also been said on several forums that Nolan has talked about keeping the Joker in all of the batman movies. This is actually a great way to do this without distracting from the other villains, and ledgers performance.

Tom Cruise to find a part in the next batman movie

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How about a shocker, Tom Cruise to play the next villain in batman 3.. Wouldn't that be something else. I actually saw this on some article. I wish I could find it because it was a real claim by someone.

I actually think he would make an awesome villain. The guy can play anything. Remember how bad ass he was as the hired assassin.

Some truth that Depp may be the riddler

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Michael Caine interviewed recently that one of the characters in the next batman may indeed be the Riddler. He was talking about the idea had been thrown around here and there by the Christopher Nolan. When asked who hed like to see as the riddler, he replied Johnny Depp.

Was he forshadowing a little as if he knew already and didn't want to say for sure, or was he just saying thats who he thought would do a good job, if indeed the Riddler is the next villain. Only time will tell.

Nolan wanted the Joker as the main part in three and more.

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It has been a serious problem with Nolan Directing the next batman without having Ledger in the Movie. The death of the young actor was very hard on Nolan and he has said that the Joker will always stay Ledgers.

Why does this hurt the chance for a next movie, well the rumored idea was to keep the Joker in the next movie as the villain again. Any other character would be just a minor part and that the Joker would stay as Batmans main concern not only for batman 3 but possibly for others if there were more. The death of ledger may have been the death of any other batman.

The suits damage doesn't go away

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Batmans suit receives damage throughout the game. So if he gets a cut it will be there when you beat the game too. Pretty realistic feature.