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Villain Prospects: Batman Superman Movie

Luthor Vs Joker
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Since the announcement of the new Batman ad Superman Movie at Comic-Con 2013, every superhero nerd has been shaking in excitement as they try to figure out some very important details for this movie. While there is still no official Batman for the movie, fans are also trying to figure out who could be the very important villain. The villain should be one huge powerhouse who can stand their ground against not only one superhero, but two of DC Comic's biggest and most iconic superheroes. Also the actor portraying the villain must be one charismatic person to be on the same level as Henry Cavill who will be playing superman and the actor they choose to play Batman.

Here are the top villainous contenders that could be in this (hopefully) amazing Superhero movie, along my own personal opinion on who could play the part.

Villain: The Joker
The Clown Prince of Crime is Batman's most famous enemy, partly because of their endless dance of brawling with each other, and also because of the Joker's "dog chasing cars" mentality. With the Joker his famous girlfriend and fan favorite, Harley Quinn, has the chance to brace the silver screen. Together the couple could create havoc throughout Gotham and Metropolis, and test the moral limits of both Batman and Superman. Although having the Joker would be awesome to see in this moving, the likelihood of the Joker becoming the prime villain in the new movie is pretty slim. Mostly due to the fact that the Joker has already been apart of several Batman/Superman movies and what actor wants to follow Heath Ledger's incredible performance.

Actors of Choice: Heath Ledger,(ya I know but still) his untimely and tragic death is sad, but I like imagining how he would play this part. Another candidate for the Joker: Alfie Allen, known for his role on Game of Thrones. Allen could certain pull off the white face paint and green hair, and his ability to play a character who isn't quite sure what he is doing is great.

As for Harley Quinn, Rachel McAdams can possibly pull off the role quite well. The veteran actress has played a plethora of characters through out her career. From the snotty and cunning Regina George from Mean Girls, to the love struck heroine from The Notebook, the actress resume proves she can pull off the emotion needed to play Harley Quinn. Her smile alone is enough to be cast as this crazy character.

Villain: Parasite
A super villain that has the ability to suck Superman's power from him, leaving him a mere mortal? Parasite is a perfect candidate for the Superman/Batman movie. He leaves Superman more the powerless, and asks the question: Who is Superman without his powers? With Parasite, Superman might need to seek help from Batman and could result in a thrilling Batman/Superman team up. This character, depending on what story line the writers follow, also has the biggest chance of making the audience feel sympathetic to the villain.
Actor of Choice: Dwayne Johnson, an action actor that can also pull at your heart strings. This actor brings a well-known face to the movie and can definitely pull off the villain/sad back story routine very well.

Villain: Lex Luthor
As Superman's most popular foe, I can see the writers using this villain purely for logic. The possibilities are endless with Luthor. He can also be use as a tool to comment on society's corrupt businessmen, causing people to question things. Also, the ability to integrate Batman's secret identity, Bruce Wayne, could be perfectly used here. Possibly the two CEO's could be involved with a business deal of some sort.Actor of Choice: Mark Strong, he has the look down and has been known to play villains before.

The above is what Im thinking. Im pretty much up for riddler too, just kidding. The Joker or Lex is who Im pulling for but only time will tell. What are your thoughts.

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